Saint Andrew Catholic Church and School


[email protected]Clergy

cvtjmezmvrmfelc0kom6ta4z2ol.jpgFr. Mark Innocenti


[email protected]

763-441-1483 x302


tpzletqr1zwqupl0ajvhcyuolml.jpgFr. Oswaldo Roche

Parochial Vicar (part-time)

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Church Staff

Alphabetical by last name.

eo89p6dm2lo3d2eu4jlgjrvp62l.jpgMelissa Anderson

Parish Business Administrator

[email protected]

763-441-1483 x310


kz4haaehf4ckuicwhu494bipa1l.jpgRandy Bayerl

Coordinator of Strategic Pastoral Planning

[email protected]

763-441-1483 x312

Nicole Bourgeois

Nicole Bourgeois

Faith Formation Secretary

[email protected]

763-441-1483 x305

Betsy Clark

Betsy Clark

Parish Nurse

[email protected]

763-441-1483 x308

Neale Holleschau

Director of Maintenance

[email protected]

763-441-1483 x316


Lily KreitingerLily Kreitinger

Hispanic Ministry Liaison

[email protected]

                                      763-441-1483 x306

Diane Pedeueneikrtuammquhbdh5ov1rrx3l.jpgrson

Director of Liturgy and Music

[email protected]

763-441-1483 x311


hc8id7hbmqenokkwxlas18n9q8l.jpgTracy Schroedl

Parish Secretary

[email protected]

763-441-1483 x301


Additional Maintenance Staff

  • Christopher Decker
  • Joyce Knobbe
  • Francis Van Havermaet
  • Tony Kern