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Embracing Hope Through Collaboration

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About the Area Catholic Communities approach in the Diocese of Saint Cloud:

The Church exists from age to age to proclaim the Gospel and to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Standing on the foundation laid by the preceding generations, the Diocese of Saint Cloud seeks to foster vibrancy for the sake of Jesus Christ. The current 131 parishes within our Diocese are home to 125,000 Catholics across central Minnesota. Every generation has its gifts and challenges. In the present age, we are facing a decline in Catholic population and priests across the Diocese. To continue to thrive, we are inviting these Eucharistic communities to come together to intentionally collaborate for the mission of the universal Church.


Every parish in the Diocese of Saint Cloud will be part of an Area Catholic Community consisting of two or more parishes in a given area. All Area Catholic Communities will collaborate to provide for the pastoral and spiritual needs of all. As Area Catholic Communities share resources, talents, and efforts we hope to reenergize Catholics so all parishes thrive in the Diocese of Saint Cloud.


Lent/Holy Week Schedules for Area Catholic Communities:

Mary of the Visitation - Big Lake/Becker

Palm Sunday Reconciliation Service – April 2 at 1:30 PM in Big Lake (at least 5 priests available)

Reconciliation is available on Saturdays from 3:45-4:30 PM at the location of their weekend Masses (except April 1 and 8)

April 6 – Holy Thursday Mass at 7:00 PM in Big Lake

April 7 – Good Friday Services at 12:00 PM in Big Lake and 5:00 PM in Becker

April 8 – Easter Vigil Mass at 8:30 PM in Becker

April 9 – Easter morning Masses at 8:30 AM in Becker and 10:30 AM in Big Lake

Christ Our Light - Princeton

April 6 - Holy Thursday Mass at 7:00 PM 

April 7 - Good Friday Services at Noon and 7:00 PM 

April 8 - Easter Vigil Mass at 8:00 PM 

April 9 - Easter Masses at 8:30 and 10:30AM
Wednesday, March 22, 6:30 PM 
Friday, March 31, 5-5:30 PM 
Saturdays: 4-4:30 PM 
Sundays: 8-8:15 AM 


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SACC Action Plan (PDF)