Saint Andrew Catholic Church and School

Saint Andrew Catholic Church

Mass & Events

Weekday Liturgies 

2/6, Monday:  No planned services in church

2/7, Tuesday:  6:00 PM Mass

2/8, Wednesday:  10:00 AM Mass with school students

2/9, Thursday:  8:00 AM Mass

2/10, Friday: No planned services in church

Weekend Liturgies
2/11, Saturday
   5:00 PM Mass [Livestream

2/12, Sunday
   8:30 AM Mass 
 10:30 AM Mass 
   1:30 PM Spanish Mass (Misa en Español) 

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Reconciliation (Confession)
Saturday 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM (Church reconciliation room), After First Friday and First Saturday Masses, and after the Tuesday evening Mass or by appointment with Fr. Mark, call (763) 441-1483

Parish Office Hours:
8:00 AM – 3:30 PM Monday-Friday Office phone: (763) 441-1483.


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Faith & Life

Parish Mission

Our Goal
That every member of our parish would not only recognize their call but be authentic disciples of Jesus giving witness of a lived faith and building the Kingdom of God here and now by their actions, and that, as authentic disciples of Jesus, we would bring others to our community of disciples for the salvation of souls.

Building the Kingdom of God here and now through the witness of a lived faith.

We, as a Catholic faith community, cast wide our net in welcoming all people as Christ. In a spirit of generosity, we utilize our time, talent and treasure to educate and serve one another.

Building the Kingdom

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Diocese of Saint Cloud

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