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After the loss of a loved one, we may experience a range of emotions. We might feel anger, deep sadness, relief, guilt, or we may be so affected that we can barely function. We all grieve differently and on different time lines. You may find yourself asking “Why is this happening?” or “Is this normal?”

We want you to know about our GriefShare support group starting at Saint Andrew, August 2nd. This is a nationally recognized program where people can begin to put their lives back together. We’ll be meeting each Monday at 6:30 (except Labor day). GriefShare consists of a 13-week program. Each week includes a video followed by small group discussion where participants can talk about how they are dealing with the death of a loved one. You may join the group at any point.

There is a fee of $15 to attend which covers our basic costs, but scholarships are available. Brochures are available in the gathering space. For more information contact Betsy Clark RN, Parish Nurse at the parish office: 763-441-1483. Ext 308.

More Information: What Is GriefShare? (2 min. Video)

Hear personal stories of support and healing
* Christina’s Story (2 Min.)
* Amy’s Story (3 Min.)
* JoAnne’s Story (2 Min.)
* Dave & Sue’s Story (4 Min.)
* Healing (4 Min.)