Saint Andrew Catholic Church and School

Saint Andrew Catholic School

Saint Andrew Catholic School

Academic Achievement Anchored in Faith

Welcome to Saint Andrew Catholic School! We are a Catholic elementary school for age 3 through grade 5 located at Saint Andrew parish in Elk River, Minnesota. We are building the Kingdom of God, child by child, through the living witness of our faculty, staff and families. 

We nurture students toward a lived discipleship. 

  • Daily prayer and weekly Mass
  • Catholic teaching embedded in curriculum
  • Dedicated time to teach prayers, traditions, and devotions of the Catholic faith

We challenge students to develop the knowledge, skills, and work habits needed to excel. 

  • Strategic emphasis on STEM education
  • Limited class sizes and documented high academic achievement
  • Curriculum including music, band, physical education, and media
  • preschool programs

We create a learning environment that fosters respect, self-discipline, and kindness. 

  • Lifelong values-based relationships among students and families
  • Strong emphasis on social justice and service
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