Saint Andrew Catholic Church and School

School Advisory Board

The School Advisory Board is a consultative body of the parish school, subject regulation from the pastor, pastoral council, ordinary of the diocese, and/or Catholic education ministries of the Diocese of St. Cloud. The purpose of the School Advisory Board is to help plan, develop and implement policies and practices that govern the operation of programs and facilities of Saint Andrew Catholic School.

Current committee members are:

  • Robyn Aarons
  • Katie Alcott
  • Susie Swanson
  • Jacob Howell
  • Luke Busch
  • Fr. Mark Innocenti (pastor)
  • Ann Dettmann (principal)

The School Advisory Board's mission and code of ethics guide its meetings, deliberations and decisions. Meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

If you are interested in participating on the School Advisory Board or have questions, please contact Principal Ann Dettmann at 763-441-2216 x327.