Saint Andrew Catholic Church and School

Online Mass

Mass at Saint Andrew:

Saturday at 5:00 PM (Livestream/Recording) with recordings available after.

Sunday at 8:30 AM
Sunday at 10:30 AM
Sunday at 1:30 PM - 1st and 3rd Sunday's only-Spanish Mass with Fr. Oswaldo Roche or Fr. Jeff Ethen

Weekday Mass times:

*** Week of July 26-30 *** Communion Service ***

Monday – Normally no planned services.
Tuesday – 6:00 PM Communion Service 7/27
Wednesday – 800 AM Communion Service 7/28
Thursday – 8:00 AM Communion Service 7/29
Friday – 10:30 AM Communion Service at Guardian Angels (not yet open to the public.) 7/30

... First Friday’s at 6:00 PM - No 10:30 AM Mass on these days.
... First Saturday’s at 9:00 AM

*** Week of August 2 - 6

Monday - No services
Tuesday – 6:00 PM
Wednesday – 8:00 AM
Thursday – 8:00 AM
Friday –10:30 AM at Guardian Angles (not yet open to the public.)

Other online Mass options:

St. Cloud Diocesan TV Mass

Spanish Language Sunday Mass, Lengua Española La Santa Misa

English Language Sunday Mass at CatholicTV

Mass Responses and Prayers (PDF for view or Print)

Previously Recorded Masses at Saint Andrew

Act of Spiritual Communion