Saint Andrew Catholic Church and School

Discipleship in Action

Discipleship in Action

As those baptized into the life of Christ we seek to grow as active disciples, led by the grace of the Holy Spirit,

Building the Kingdom of God Through a Witness of a Lived Faith.

The opportunities below offer pathways for discipleship in action:

Jan 12-16 (Elk River): Helping with the move of Elevier Women's Center/Abba

Dear Father Mark and those at Saint Andrew,
Next week the final touches are scheduled for completion at our new location – Elevier Women’s Center.  We are very excited about moving in.  As we wait for the contractors to finish and the inspector to come, we do not yet have a definite move in date.  However, I am reaching out to you, our church partners for assitance with the move:

Do you have any congregants who are available to help us move?  We’re hoping to move somewhere between Jan. 12-16.
What would be most helpful to me as I coordinate the teams of movers is:
1. What days between Jan. 6 to 13, are they available? 
2. What times and for how many hours are they available?
3. Phone number I can contact them at as soon as we can move in?
4. Do you have any moving cloths to cover the floors during move in?
If interested or available, please contact Julie Springfield, Elevier Women’s Center, directly at 763-607-1253 (or email [email protected]).
We thank God for your partnership in being a voice for the voiceless and standing with us in the “Fight for LIFE.”
God bless you abundantly in 2021,