Saint Andrew Catholic Church and School

Diocese Reorganization

A message from Fr. Mark

Dear Parish Families,

On July 25/26 I read a message at all the Masses from our Bishop Donald Kettler regarding a bankruptcy reorganization filing in regard to the sexual abuse claims filed against the Diocese of St. Cloud. This was a hard thing to do but necessary both, as part of the notices etc., which are required as part of the bankruptcy proceedings, but also and more so, because of the difficult subject matter it involves. To put it bluntly, the abuse by priests or clergy of any kind is abominable and reprehensible. I am as mad as you are about it! The Publication Notice, Posted Notice, and Notice of Time for Timely Filing Proofs are set out below to bring awareness and provide direction for any new claims of abuse to come forward by October 21, 2020. Each parish in our diocese is doing the same process as we are. This is important so that justice can be done and healing begin.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Fr. Mark



Notice of Time