Saint Andrew Catholic Church and School

Celebrating Sundays

In late November 2018, we launched a parish-wide effort to encourage families to reflect together on the Mass and scripture. Each registered Faith Formation and parish school family will receive a copy of the booklet Celebrating Sundays for Catholic Families in either English or Spanish. We have a number of extra copies for other parish families as well.

Celebrating Sundays contains an excerpt from the gospel reading for each Sunday and Holy Day, a one-paragraph reflection, a question for your children on the way to Mass and another for on your way home—plus an idea on how to put the gospel into practice. Some families keep this booklet in their car, and in five minutes to and from Mass, have plenty of time to reflect and discuss together.

These are two simple ways to encourage family faith sharing, which is essential to raising Catholic youth. We look forward to hearing about the fruits of these discussions!

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Need a copy (in English or en español)? Contact Jim Thorp at [email protected] or 763-441-1483.