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Readings and Homilies for September 21-22, 2019 (English and Español)

On the weekend of September 21-22, 2019, the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, we heard the gospel account of the parable of the dishonest steward. This is one of the most difficult parables to understand, because it can appear to us that Jesus is encouraging us to imitate the steward's dishonesty, which, of course, cannot be true. Both Fr. Mark and Fr. Rick took the opportunity to explain the parable in terms of a challenge to each of us: Why do we act so cleverly and aggressively to secure our future in this world, but neglect the things of God and our eternal reward? Fr. Mark explained that nothing comes easily in this life except the things of this world, which are hollow and unfulfilling, while Fr. Rick shared an immediate and important example of obedience to the authority of God in this life, announcing that he is already being reassigned to the Sauk Center Area Catholic Community in the next few weeks.

Check out the readings and homilies in English and Spanish at the links below:


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