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Readings and Homilies for August 3-4, 2019 (English and Español)

On the weekend of August 3-4, 2019, we celebrated the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time. The Old Testament reminds us that earthly things are fleeting, and in the gospel, Jesus urges detachment from material goods and money. In his homily, Fr. Mark shares a personal story of how issues of possessions, money and other attachments can get in the way of charity and justice, even between family members. Fr. Rick's homily reminds us that death comes for all of us, and no amount of cleverness can avoid it or hold on to what we've gained here on earth. He also gives us principles for discerning the Holy Spirit's inspirations in our lives. The bottom line: What are we working for, and for whom?

Check out the readings and homilies in English and Spanish at the links below:


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