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Readings and Homilies for August 24-25, 2019 (English and Español)

On the weekend of August 24-25, 2019, we celebrated the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time. In the gospel, Jesus urges His followers to strive to enter through the narrow gate and warns that many people will not be strong enough to do so. At Saint Andrew, we also distributed a Discipleship In Mission Survey of Time and Talent to parishioners to help them prayerfully discern what gifts God has given them and how best to use them to build His Kingdom.

In his homily, Fr. Mark urges us to ask ourselves, "Are we really disciples, or are we taking God for granted?" Do we do more than just the minimum? Does Jesus know we have a real relationship with Him? Father reminds us that we need to make an effort, not because we can earn the free gift of salvation, but because if we have truly received the gift of salvation, it should bear fruit in our lives!

Fr. Rick reminds us in his homily that, truthfully, God does not need us to accomplish His will in the world, but that we are created out of love to be saints and not spectators. He asks, "Do you really want to check in and out of your relationship with God like a job, or do you want to really live?" Our discernment and service enables us to learn about ourselves, free ourselves from sin and love as God loves so that we can be united with Him. That is our ultimately fulfillment!

Check out the readings and homilies in English and Spanish at the links below:


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