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Readings and Homilies for the Weekend of June 9-10, 2018 (English and Español)


The weekend marked the Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, during which we heard the story of the Fall of Adam and Eve in the first reading and Jesus' discussion of the "unforgivable sin" in the gospel. Fr. Newton spoke on the ways in which we and those around us can become stumbling blocks, or occasions of sin, that prevent our own spiritual growth and that of others. He then focused specifically on the one sin that Jesus says cannot be forgiven: blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which is the refusal to recognize the holiness of God and to accept His love, mercy and salvation. This sin is unforgivable, explained Father, not due to any limitation of God's love and mercy, but because the individual rejects that mercy by an act of his or her own free will.

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