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Readings and Homilies for February 23-24, 2019 (English and Español)

dyoc35a51zdl8v4nzdec8mowr2l.jpgOn the weekend of February 23-24, 2019, we heard the seemingly impossible commandment of Jesus to love our enemies. Fr. Newton uses the first reading's account of David sparing the life of Saul to remind us that it is not for us to dispense God's divine justice. For Jesus, love is the fundamental attitude, and while the temptation to violence is easy, our task is to act as God acts.

Fr. Mark's homily focused on Jesus calling us beyond ourselves: Not that we should ignore injustice or wrongdoing, but that we not take vengeance when we seek to correct those who do wrong, and that we pray for conversion and the goodness of God for all people. He shared a bit about the parish's mission trip to Mexico last week, urging all of us to encounter the real poverty and desperation of those in genuine need in our community and world. When we do feel our hearts asking, "What can I do?", Father suggests we stop to pray, asking Jesus what He wants from us. How can we each do our small part to reach beyond ourselves to love all of humanity?

Check out the readings and homilies in English and Spanish at the links below:


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