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In Pictures: Catholic Teaching, Traditions and More

2gqx077fto3og7i3gt56vn26o6l.pngOver the next several days we will highlight different aspects of the new Saint Andrew website to draw your attention to special features and make navigation easier. Today, we want to highlight the central image on the homepage, as well as the link just below the main greeting and weekend Mass times that reads, "Learn more about this photo and Catholic teachings and traditions."

As of the launch of our website, the large, central photo on the homepage is of an Advent wreath with the first purple candle lit. We chose this image because Advent and the Church's new year begin today. This image will change, sometimes as often as every week, to reflect the season or important feast days, or to feature our beautiful worship space or events at our parish.

The link to learn more will not change. Clicking this link will lead you to a page entitled "Our Faith In Pictures," which tells you more about the photo and why it is meaningful. In the case of the Advent wreath photo, you will learn what the season of Advent is about and what the Advent wreath symbolizes. You will also find links to great Advent resources, including posts from Catholic bloggers on how to celebrate Advent in your home, with your children.

If you haven't already, take a moment to check it out:

  • Click the Home tab at the upper left of your computer screen, or under Menu at the upper right of your smartphone, to return to the home page.
  • Click the "Learn more about this photo and Catholic teachings and traditions." link just below the welcome message and weekend Mass times (or just use the link above) to go there directly.

Remember to check back every so often for new Our Faith In Pictures content, or "like" us on Facebook to know when we've added something new to the site!



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